Technovation Girls Competition | 10/11/22 - Present

Placed as a quarterfinalist team for the 2022-2023 season for the app "LoveBody"

National Cyber Scholar | 05/10/23

Won $3000 of free SANS training at Cyber Foundations Academy and a free attempt at GIAC certification

Kurinji Hacks, Best Overall Hack | 02/13/22

For the project "Educate Yourselves on Feminism"

Sego Lily Hacks, General Track - Qoom x ACF Prize | 10/8/22

For the project “Blog: October Special (Charities)”

Newton North High School Hackathon, Best Beginner Hack | 11/14/21

For the project "School Lunch Program Website"


Check out my work on: Github Devpost Replit

Spark of Hope | 07/17/23

This game was my final submission for the Girls Who Code SIP Program 2023, made using Javascript and its Play library.

HealthMasters | 09/17/23

HealthMasters is a webgame about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for kids. Featuring three different activities, HealthMasters engages youth through interactive elements such as fun buttons, images, and trivia questions made using Javascript's Play library:

  • This or That: This minigame guides the user in building their own nutritious meal based on descriptions of each category (fruits, veggies, dairy, etc.)
  • My Clean Environment: The user will "pick up" different objects around the room that should not be there by clicking on them, learning why it's important to have a clean living space in the process.
  • Did You Know?: Inspired by the format of online quizzes, this game asks basic questions on various health topics, counting up the total correct answers at the end.